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Lichfield Survey Supplies Ltd

Setting Out Services

Lichfield Survey Supplies can supply your project with experienced Surveyors or Engineers for setting out of your site. By taking the information that you have on drawings for your project we can accurately mark out everything on your site. 

Lichfield Survey Supplies always use either a one man robotic total station or RTK GPS surveying equipment depending on the best tool for the site. We would also select the equipment that best suits the accuracy that needs to be acheived on your site.

Robotic Total Station
Robotic Total Station

With extensive experience on some of the country’s major infrastructure projects from Earthworks to Buildings, from Roads to Railways, we can help deliver your projects on time and on budget.

Lichfield Survey Supplies provide highly skilled qualified Engineers and Surveyors for your project, complete with one man survey equipment, virtually eliminating the need for a chainman.  Contact us for a comprehensive quote on 0845 500 1250 or by email.

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