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Stockpile Volume Calculation

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Stockpile Volume Calculation.

We now offer a service where we can calculate your stockpile volume from your data.  You need to supply the data in a csv (comma separated values) format for both the base of the stockpile and the finished surface of the stockpile.

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Stockpile Volume Calculation


Stockpile Volume Calculation.

You are purchasing a stockpile volume calculation from your supplied information.  This calculation can be for any irregular shaped item that can be assumed to have a flat base described by points around it.

You will need to supply the information in a csv (comma separated values) format.  We can accept other formats of data but please check with us first.

You will need to identify the base of the stockpile, and the top surface of your stockpile for us to be able to calculate the volume.

From your data, we will use our specialist software to calculate the volume of the stockpile.  This will be done by the prism method of volume calculation, as it gives the most accurate volume from your data by creating numerous DTM Triangles so no interpolation is necessary.  The more data you supply, the more accurate the volume will be.

We will then process this volume and present you with a scale drawing in pdf format usually in A1 or A3 paper size.  A DWG or DXF (autoCAD) format can be provided at an additional cost.