Survey Traverse Calculation Spreadsheet

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Survey Traverse Calculation Excel Spreadsheet. The Survey Traverse Programme Spreadsheet. This spreadsheet will compute the co-ordinates and the closure errors of a closed survey traverse operation of up to eight control points.


Survey Traverse Calculation Excel Spreadsheet.

The survey traverse programme spreadsheet has been specifically written to check the accuracy of a Survey Traverse.  The traverse is one of the first steps to accurate surveying and setting out, as it is important to have a good, tight control network.

Survey Traverse Calculation Spreadsheet

Using the survey traverse programme spreadsheet all you need do is enter your readings between the Control Stations around your site and let the spreadsheet work out the rest.

Just record the following items carefully.

  • Instrument Height at the control station.
  • Horizontal Angle and the target height of the backsight.
  • Target Height, Horizontal Angle, Vertical Angle and slope distance to the foresight.
  • Move the Total Station to the next control station.
  • Repeat the above steps.

Once you have added the raw data into the first sheet you can then look at the results.

Survey Traverse Calculation Spreadsheet

If the results were not as expected you can review the data via the computation sheet included.  This may highlight any errors.

Survey Traverse Calculation Spreadsheet


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