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Lichfield Survey Supplies Ltd

Survey Calculators

Inverse Calculator

LSSL Inverse Spreadsheet

The LSSL Inverse Calculator Spreadsheet works out the Whole Circle Bearing and Distance between two sets of given Co-Ordinates.

Casio Calculator

Casio Calculator Programme

This is a programme for the Casio Calculator that we have written ourselves.  You are downloading the information that you can type in yourself.

Traverse Calculator

LSSL Traverse Spreadsheet

The LSSL Traverse Calculator Spreadsheet will work out Co-Ordinates from a Whole Circle Bearing and Distance from Known Co-Ordinates.

RAT Calculator

LSSL RAT Spreadsheet

The Right Angle Triangle Calculator allows you to quickly work out the angle and lengths of any side of the triangle.

Survey Level Book

Level Book Spreadsheet

The LSSL Survey Level Book Spreadsheet enables the quick calculation of a levelling run.  All you need to do is enter your staff readings.

Traverse Programme

LSSL Traverse Programme 2

This spreadsheet will compute the co-ordinates and the closure errors of a closed survey traverse operation of up to eight control points.